Removing menu-close from side menu behaves strangely

Hi there,

I removed “menu-close” from the first item and it pushed to the history stack instead of starting a new one. Shouldn’t this be responsible only for closing the menu?

Also, I’m not sure what “nav-clear” does. I’ve made some tests but I can’t figure it out.

Please let me know if this is normal behaviour or not.


The menu-close is doing what it should. From the docs:

Additionally, this directive will reset the entering view’s history stack, making the new page the root of the history stack. This is done to replicate the user experience seen in most side menu implementations, which is to not show the back button at the root of the stack and show only the menu button.

I believe nav-clear was removed in beta 14 and menu-close is now doing what nav-clear did.

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Thanks @brandyshea!

One last question: I’ve read that the tabs bar will keep a separate history for each tab. Is this something I can achieve using the side menu? Is there custom code that the tab directive has for this particular feature?

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So when the user clicks on a menu item and then navigates to other states related to that item, it will keep the history for that menu item. Then when you go to a different menu item and back it will know which state you were at related to the menu item, or go to the home state for that menu item?

Sorry I don’t know much about the tabs. Maybe @mhartington can help. :smile:

So essentially you want to have multiple nav-view in your side-menu?

Not really going to be possible. Tabs and side-menus are setup too different so it’s not going to work.