Side menu items with their own view history


I have sections in my application and I want that each section has its own view history. I could use tabs to realize that, but I have more then 10 section. So I’m planning to put 4 of them into tabs and the rest into side menu. I don’t know how to realize side menu items with its own view history. Maybe someone know how to do it?

PS. Maybe my question is a little confused. Sorry for that, I am not english speaking guy :(.


That’s a pretty tough nut to crack. If you setup a CodePen sample with your starting point, it might help others see how to help you. However, I don’t know if it’s possible to maintain 2 history stacks.


Actually I already solve my problem.

I wrote exapmle in plunker, but it doesn’t work there :frowning: . But you can understand the solution by reading the code.

Briefly: I realize “section” directive. It set section “historyId” for local scope. For each section I specify parent state with template:

<section name="section1"><ion-nav-view></ion-nav-view></section>

All descendants of this router state will have history of its parent.

Maybe it’s not a neat solution, but it works pretty good for me. Hope it will help someone.