No state history with side menu

I am having a problem with state history beta 14. I have a main menu view, a fire view, and a fire settings view.

The main view is just a basic container with some buttons, and the fire view contains a side menu setup. The problem I am having is when I navigate to the fire view that has the side menu component the state history never gets saved. So when I go to the settings view from the fire view and then hit the back button it takes me to the menu rather than the fire view. When I print $ionicHistory.viewHistory() in the fire view the current view state id still says main and not fire. If I take the side menus out of the view then the current view from $ionicHistory.viewHistory() says fire as expected. My question is why do the side menus mess up the history of states.

State Provider

   //Main Menu
            .state('main', {
                url: "/",
                controller: 'MainCtrl',
                templateUrl: 'js/app/views/main.html'
            .state('fire', {
                url: "/fire",
                cache: false,
                controller: 'FireCtrl',
                templateUrl: "js/app/views/fire.html"
//Fire Settings
            .state('firesettings', {
                url: "/firesettings",
                controller: 'FireSettingsCtrl',
                templateUrl: 'js/app/views/fire-settings.html'

Main view is just a container with a button.

Fire view looks like this.

<ion-view view-title="Fire Dashboard" hide-back-button="true" hide-nav-bar="false">
        <!-- Center content -->

        <!-- Left menu -->
        <ion-side-menu side="left" expose-aside-when="(min-width:769px)">