Side menu Issue


Hi Guys,
I have navigation sidebar issues on android devices ( < v4.4 ). If any fix is available, it would be helpful,

Thanks in advance


Any further info on what the issue is? Does it open? Does it not open? Does it open and not close? Any screenshots? Any code sample?


Hi Calendee , i have attached my snapshots . A help from you would be greatful.

**though the sidemenu is not visible if i click in some areas , i’m able to navigate menus



You’re gonna have to provide some code to figure out what you did wrong


angular.module(‘’, [])

this is the sample code i got from a codepen

  • A simple example service that returns some data.
    .factory(‘MenuService’, function() {

var menuItems = [
{ text: ‘Home’, iconClass: ‘icon icon-home’, link: ‘#/home’},
{ text: ‘Teams’, iconClass: ‘icon icon-teams’, link: ‘#/teams’},
{ text: ‘Fixtures’, iconClass: ‘icon icon-events’, link: ‘#/fixtures’},
{ text: ‘Points Table’, iconClass: ‘icon icon-champions’, link: ‘#/table’},
{ text: ‘Winners’, iconClass: ‘icon icon-winners’, link: ‘#/winners’}

return {
all: function() {
return menuItems;