Show ion-content scrollbar on Android / IOS

While I can scroll by swiping up and down on a page that overflows the viewport, it may be non-obvious in some cases that there is more content below-the-fold. In such cases, I would like to make it abundantly clear that the user can scroll down, when in fact they can. I can’t quite work out how to make that happen in ionic 4 on the mobile targets (including device emulation in chrome dev-tools, which fleetingly shows the scrollbar while scrolling, but hides it when inactive). Anyone got a solution for this?

Similar question here with my comment.

All in all, I think this is more of a UX issue.
If you’re worried about people not being aware that they can scroll in an app, you probably should rethink how your app shows data.

It’s a settings page in my case, and I have a list of setting fields as ion-items in an ion-list. At the end of the list there are a set of buttons. Other than paging the settings, and converting from a list to a wizard style UX I’m not sure how to reimagine the UI. If the screen is just right in size, it’s non-obvious that the are more items in the list than those that are visible above the fold, buttons or otherwise.

How about grouping the settings into chunks, and putting them into an accordion-style list where only one chunk is open at once?