Ion-scroll scrollbar always visible


Hi everybody,

When filling an ion-scroll with text, the scrollbar is visible for a few moments and then disappears. Here’s an example:

Is there any way to make the scrollbar of a ion-scroll always visible?. Additionally, can it be configured not to be displayed over the content itself? (maybe with different layout options like in android:scrollbarStyle).
The final appearance would be similar to a read-only textarea (I’m not using it because I found focus / soft. keyboard problems when running in a device).

Thanks in advance.


You achieve this with css.

.ng-animate .scroll-bar {
  visibility: visible !important;

  opacity:1 !important

To actually change the style of it, you can use some custom css


I see it’s easy to make the scrollbar always visible. On the other hand, moving it to the outside of the content box depends on the CSS overflow configuration of the container, which can be tricky.

In any case you gave me good pointers. Thank you very much!.


it works! however, looks like the scrollbar is still invisible right after the ion-scroll view is spawned. I have to scroll it first to make the scroll bar appear. after that it is always there…


Same problem here: the bar does not disappear after it shows up. But to get it to show up, I need to scroll a little