Show debug messages from device


Hi all,
is there a way to show the debug messages while the app is running on the real device?
I use the console.log() function.
I need to run an app that uses the bluetooth plugin then i cannot use the ‘ionic serve’ cmd.

I cannot use the Chrome inspector cause my tablet runs Android 4.2.2 …



You should give a try to GapDebug


You have several options, I wrote an article on this topic so take a look:

I’m here if you have more questions.

In few words you can use:

ionic run ios -l -c -s


ionic run android -l -c -s

This command will deploy an app on your smartphone and enable debugging mode. You can find more information in an attached article.


Thanks guys for the replies.

@rflea: i’m under Debian. I tried running by Wine but there are some problems

@Gajotres: nice article, I submitted to my Google+ account