Debug Ionic application in device

I am developing one application and all thing going good apart from one thing… that the application inside android device are not functioning properly or there seems some other issues as well related to design etc when deployed in device. (so far not developing for iOS so did not check for iPhone).

I have already seen other topics related to debuging application but none of them helped me that much or they are not related to my topic. even official document has nothing mentioned how to debug application in device. I can debug or check it using ionic serve in desktop browser which is working good but is there any other tool or plugin through which I can check or debug the application when its running inside a device ?

(I am a web developer and has no experience in past for develop mobile application.)


You’re in great luck since the tools have been developed

Checkout the latest chrome and just go here

It is a relatively new feature, and a much better alternative than weinre

You can try Gapdebug.

Consultation on bugs in browser and device

I think chrome inspect tool is designed to inspect application who are running under browser right ? I have used this tool for debuging mobile website. I can inspect the element of application using desktop chrome. but what about ionic app ? I am not able to visualize my application running under device in chrome ! it only targets chrome browser and I can open other websites but it do not detects my application.

Ok now I got it working. I added android:debuggable="true" as an additional attribute in application tag of android.manifest.xml. and thats all.