How do you debug on devices?



Stumbled upon an issue and I cannot understand what’s wrong. Everything works perfectly on web and emulators, something hangs up on the device via Ionic View.

Is there some kind of remote console I can debug from? :slight_smile:


You can try GapDebug.

Consultation on bugs in browser and device


If i’m not mistaken, I think you are trying to see what you are invoking from the actual device itself? If you already have cordova.console plugin installed for your app, then when you run your app on the device, while it’s connected to your computer, you could see all the console logs in the terminal. For ios, you could see the logs in Xcode at the bottom.


If your Android device runs KitKat or higher you can try Chrome Remote Debugging. Works perfectly for me.


My app run on chrome and firefox, when i do install on android after the splashscreen i see only a white blank screen. I am running android 4.03 into first version of samsung note. There is any way to debug and see the error ?


For older Android versions which don’t support Chrome Remote Debugging you can use Weinre as an alternative.