Should we stop using Ionic ? No way to perform end to end testing of native functionality

I’m posting this question after not getting any proper way to execute end to end testing of native functionalities in Ionic. I have been on it since a week.
I have referred this official link: It just speaks about testing Ionic app in browser. There are no explanation for testing the Ionic native functionalities.
I have also read this link : which does nothing other than redirecting to official Appium page.
I posted a question asking best approach to end to end testing in Ionic, almost 6 days ago and I haven’t received any reply for that. (Best approach for E2E testing)
Let me know is there any preferred way to perform end to end testing Ionic app with native functionality or not. Thanks in advance.

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I am sorry but I don’t quite get you. What do you mean unable to test ionic app with native functionality? There are tons of plugins that provides native features in Ionic app. Please elaborate.