How can we write unit test or e2e test for ionic2?


Does Ionic Team have a plan to implement GUIDE for testing ionic2 project when it release the stable version?


I’ve written a short tutorial


Great! Being look for it awhile ^^


Followup tutorial on e2e testing


can you take a look into this issue I am facing while unit testing a component


Hi, thanks, your tutorial is great, i have a question… is there a way to run the e2e tests on a phone?
I really need to do that.
Thank you.


You need something like appium to run e2e on a real device.
You can easy implement e2e Tests with appium in JavaScript, Java or any other language.

In my company i implemented appium to test our App on over 200 real test devices at once with appium.

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Hi, I am trained on Appium just no I came across from your post i will share the following link it will be helpful for you Check here.