Test my ionic app

every time i need to test my app with native plugin i build app for android and ios and install the build app on device to test
this way i think not practical and losing a lot of time build and test
any other way to solve this issue ?

From browser is not possible, cordova is stopped and not execute, but you can use a android vm by android studio.
You just need to create a new virtual device on android studio, and then run ionic cordova run android oremulate tag . Cordova will detect the virtual device and install it on this device insted of your real device.

I hope this answer is usefull.

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That is one reason I try to have the plugin integration be one of the last steps in my development workflow. But for when i need to introduce interaction early, I will often use a mock. I created a collection of mocks for Ionic Native: https://blog.ionicframework.com/ionic-native-mocks/

You might be able to use them to help your workflow.