Setting Status Bar Color Conditionally for iOS and Android

Hey everyone,

I’m really struggling today and I’ve spent a few hours trying to figure out how to make my Android status bar icons black since I have a light colored status bar. I was deep into the plugin trying to change different lines of code to somehow get black icons and I’ve since given up on it.

Is there any easy way for me to set the statusbar color for android to a dark color (so that the white icons looks readable) while maintaining the light color I already have on iOS?

You should be able to just do a platform check'android')

Then just use the status bar set color function.

Apologies for the vagueness, I’m on the go and on mobile.

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Don’t worry about the vagueness that’s all I needed! Thanks for the help - I’m on the platform API documentation right now and I should be good to go. Thanks!

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