Ionic5 React Status Bar Style

Hello to all ionic users out there! Im currenty building my first app and managed to make great progress. Now im trying to style the status bar, to make it less eye catching but i have some problems here. Im using this doc:

I want to have my status bar to be white, with black icons. So i tried to add this code to my App.tsx:

const { StatusBar } = Plugins;
const { StatusBarStyle } = Plugins;
  color: 'white',
  style: "DARK",

After i build the app via Android Studio and install it on my phone the app doesnt boot up anymore. It is stuck after the ‘boot screen’ on just a white background. If i remove the StatusBarStyle it works as expected and the status bar changes its color to white, just like i want it. But again, i want to have the icons (push infos from other apps, wlan reception) and font in black. How do i manage that? Every other option seems to work. If i try StatusBar.setOverlaysWebView or StaturBar.hide it works. Why is this specific StatusBarStyle.setStyle Option not working? Can someone provide a example how i can achieve my goal? Im clueless rn.