Cordova-plugin-statusbar messes up android status bar

By Following this article,, I installed the latest statusbar plugin, it fixed the iphone x white status bar issue, but it messed up my android status bar. Any idea how to fix it?

Any one can give me some advice on how to fix this?
I don’t want to have two code bases :disappointed_relieved:

I remembered that I use a service to control the status bar. commenting out $cordovaStatusbar.overlaysWebView(true);
fixed my issue on android.

I’ve forgotten what I set this for. Does anyone knows what this is for? Is it only for fixing the ios 7 status bar issue? Any side effect if I comment it out?

init: function (color) {

  if (window.StatusBar) {

    if (window.ionic.Platform.isAndroid()) {
      color = luminance(color, -0.4);

  } else {
    console.warn('[' + TAG + ']: Unsupported platform');