Set <swiper> selected slider card programmatically

Hi I am trying to follow Vue Slides Guide: How to Get Swiper for Vue on Ionic Apps but I don’t see a way to set the slide card programmatically. I need to recommend a card in the slide after the user takes some action but I can’t figure out if that is supported or how to do it.

E.g., how do I set this slider to card where i =5 ?

<swiper :slides-per-view="2" :loop="true">
        <swiper-slide v-for="(p, i) in  prompts " :key="i">
          <ion-card @click="promptEntry(p, i)" :class="{ 'selected': i === selected_prompt }">
            <img :src="'/assets/prompts/' + p.img" style="width:300px" />
              <ion-card-subtitle>{{ p.title }}</ion-card-subtitle>

Thank you for any help!

I figured out the answer from: vue.js - How to use Swiper slideTo() in Vue3.0? - Stack Overflow