Creating animation slider like inshorts app

I have to develop an app like inshorts animation effect . I have successfully done this in cordova but i’m not able to do it in ionic3. I have gone through a lot of solutions on internet but didn’t find what I’m looking for.

<ion-content padding>
  <ion-card color="primary" swiper (onSwipeUp)="swipeUp($event)" (onSwipeDown)="swipeDown($event)" (onSwipeLeft)="swipeLeft($event)" (onSwipeRight)="swipeRight($event)">
  <ion-card color="secondary" swiper (onSwipeUp)="swipeUp($event)" (onSwipeDown)="swipeDown($event)" (onSwipeLeft)="swipeLeft($event)" (onSwipeRight)="swipeRight($event)">

The swipe is working, i’m able to capture the swipe event with hammerjs but I’m not able to add the transition on the card dynamically.

I have done that in cordova with the below block of code but not able to do with ionic.

function scrollImages(distance, duration, selectorId) {
            var r = $.Deferred();
            $('#'+selectorId).css("transition-duration", (duration / 1000).toFixed(1) + "s");
            var value = (distance < 0 ? "" : "-") + Math.abs(distance).toString();                
            $('#'+selectorId).css("transform", "translate(" + value + "px,0)");