Insert Swiper (Slides Per View / Carousel Mode)

I am willing to user a customer in order to achieve the following (Slides Per View / Carousel Mode):
but I am NOT able to do so.
I’ve already seen a post by @brandyshea explaining that Swiper Api is already implemented in IONIC2.
Also, she’ve shared a way to implement it in IONIC2 project, I’ve tried to follow the same approach, but I am not getting the wanted results so far.

So far, here is my code:


<ion-slides pager [options]="extraOptions"><ion-slide>
  <ion-col *ngFor="#content of names">
  <div class="Cards"><div class="bk"><div class="txt">{{content.Name}}</div></div></div>

> export class Pg {

constructor() {
this.extraOptions = {
pagination: ‘.swiper-pagination’,
paginationClickable: true
slidesPerView: 3,
spaceBetween: -30

however, I am not able to achieve the same result as the one here under the section (Slides Per View / Carousel Mode)

Any ideas on how I can achieve it?

Did you find a solution for this?