Separate CSS for Android and iOS


Are there any plans to create separate CSS for iOS and Android so that the app looks more like a native application? A couple of other platforms I looked at, such as Ratchet ( and Onsen UI ( support this. Considering the momentum Ionic currently has among developers, I prefer to choose it for our next project. But, it would be a no-brainer for me if Ionic supported OS-specific styles.

About multiple platform Design

Take a look at this blog post

From a marketing stand point, theres a benefit of creating a universal theme that spans across platforms. Look at how many apps in the app store (Google and iOS) keep a consistent theme and between platforms. This way, you can create a brand for your app that people will notice and will stand out from everything else


Thanks for the link. And, you make a valid point, especially regarding branding. We’re likely to choose Ionic for its primary advantages, namely its lightweightedness, performance, and integration with AngularJS. Do you have a ballpark figure for when Ionic will be released as 1.0 (or at least Beta)?


According to Github, maybe Friday, but I’m not part of the Ionic team so this could change.


Cool. Nice to see they have a roadmap, and it’s at least within days and weeks instead of months. Thanks.