Android UI styles for Ionic?

Ionic is awesome, but is there some way how to use some Android UI styles? I don’t want to use iOS styles on another platform. I can’t find anything useful about this topic. Is there somebody who created own CSS for Android elements?

I found AngularJS Material design ( It looks very interesting, but I don’t know if it’s possible to implement it on application.

Hi @jvaclavik, Ionic adds its own css above yours and is platform dependant :
for example, it will lock your tabs top, add the border bottom for the active tab, put your title on the left and your icons on the right.

Are you looking for something more specific than that?

check this out: Built with ionic and based on material design, just a peek into what can be done with Ionic:

That looks good. But still I don’t know how to test styles for another platform in my browser.
For example I have installed Android SDK, but not iOS SDK. Is it possible to show styles for both – Android and iOS application in the browser?

I have application like this:

And the back button is iOS-like. So I would like to know, how to show this in Android platform specific styles (in this case it should be hidden).

Thank you

@jvaclavik Yes you can view both ios and android style together by using ionic labs

Wow, supercool!