About multiple platform Design


After reading this post and reading this article I’ve decided to open a topic hoping to start a discussion about designing user interfaces across multiple platforms.

I’ve developed my Design Graduation final Project based on this subject and I’m trying to find the balance on designing user experience across multiple platforms. As I just read the article I found myself asking some questions.

I agree that getting inspiration from the design guidelines of each platform is valid but I still think that creating an app for Windows Phone, iOS and Android platforms using only one Interface Design (using only one CSS for example) is not a good Design approach looking from the user experience perspective. Sure that looking from the developer perspective it’s not a big deal but for the final user, an Android user for example, He’s daily usage is only the Android platform so wouldn’t it be better of using “slightly” different designs on each platform version? I mean, the main objective of an app is it’s functionality. Wouldn’t be better if the app could use the design guidelines of the current platform for making the user get to the app’s functionality the fastest and easy way possible?

Also, what would be the best approach when developing for such a different platform as Windows Phone for example… Anyway, would just like to start a discussion about it to see what other developers think about the subject.