Sending GPS coordinates

Hi all,
I’m trying out Ionic 2 and are playing with an app that posts my gps coordinates every 60 seconds. I tried some different plugins for this but are not really satisfied so far.

Mauron85 worked nice for an hour or so then stopped posting, guess it didn’t handle when the phone went to sleep?
I then tried WakeupTimer and thougth I could use it for calling my “post” function every 60 seconds but I can’t get that Sampleapp working.

Are there any good plugin for handling locations that works even when the phone goes to sleep? Or am I still too much of a rookie that does it the wrong way from the beginning?


Wouldn’t waking users’ phones up every minute totally murder their battery life?

Probably, it’s most for testing though. I suppose that’s why the existing plugins that I’ve tried goes to the eternal sleep after an hour or so…