GPS, using coordinates and collecting geolocation

Im looking to make an app tracking a phones location and mark locations stayed at with place names. This is the part of the functionality I cannot understand how to get working. I have had multiple issues in taking GPS and using the latitude and longitude collected. If someone could help me collect a devices coordinates every few minutes and if its a familiar location send the place name back to the application. There is no need for maps as I intend the method to be as privacy preserving as possible.

I have looked at a lot of the available resources but still i canne do it.
Any help is appreciated,

Hi James,

have you tried the background geolocation ?

yes have tried background geolocation, but im only really trying to make a proof of concept application so it is not really necessary for me. I can collect current coordinates I just struggle with doing anything with these coordinates but also getting new coordinates every few minutes.