Is it possible to create an app auto send GPS location to server in each 30 seconds by ionic?

Hi everyone,

I need to build an app for driver that tracking their GPS location, something like Uber or Grabtaxi. After each 15s or 30s, the app need to send GPS location to a web service

Is it possible to do this with Ionic? I really need someone with experience with this to give me advice.

I know Ionic is one of the best way if you want to make an mobile app fast and beautiful, but if the framework can’t solve the most important part of my project, of course I can’t use it

Thank you very much.

Ionic is built on top of cordova, so you can look into navigator.geolocation.watchPosition. There is also ngCordova’s geolocation.

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hi i create a ionic app which can find user current location it is correctly run on browser but it is not show user current location on mobile device what i doing wrong please help me

Try post some of the code your useing then its easier for us to help