Sending bulk push notifications with Ionic Push


Ionic Puhs looks awesome and easy to integrate in Iionic apps. We really want to use it as our Push notification system for our business but we have some concerns regarding massive bulk sending of push notifications.

As the documentation is explaining, the tokens of the devices you want to send the notification are specifyed as a post parameter, see here. So my main concern is if that whould be the proper wat to send a bulk notification to a long list of tokens ( let’s say 10K or even 100K ).

I guess not. Mainly because in other bulk services ( like sms or email systems for bulk messaging ) this things is managed differently. Sometimes certain API allows you to specify a csv with all the tokens, sometimes there’s certain limit in the destinataries so have to build a batch sending system calling the send endpoint, etc…

Could someone help me a bit to understand if Ionic Push is a good system in order to integrated with your backend to send massive bulk push notifications?


loyalguru did you get an answer for this question?? I have the same problem

+1 I wonder the same thing

@baumtesting, @duonglei : 9 months and not answer from anyone. :frowning:

If you have any question about any of the platform services, please send an email to the support email

I am also facing the same problem.
I am getting only 6 out of 10 push messages when I use lots of device id’s…