Push Notifications. What's so wrong!

Hi guys. I am just so fed up and I don’t understand why is this push notification thing just so badly documented. Or I am just so pathetically dumb. Pls help me out here.

This is a tutorial I followed for sending push notifications which worked just fine for some fellow students. They literally just copy pasted it and boom! They start receiving notifications.
I tried the same code, have them tried, it is working no more. Not for us. Not even by them anymore.
When the code enters the RequestsService.js, it kind of gets stuck before the post request and the $http.post() never gets to be executed. No error on console. I keep seeing this loading sign and nothing happens.
I do not understand a thing about Hollyshinkey’s tutorial for push notification. Please please help me!!!


Have you tried the ionic cloud push notifications? I was having problems with the docs as well using the old ionic-web-platform and the new docs for cloud seem to do a better job.

Update your ionic CLI ‘npm install -g ionic’ and follow the steps in the tutorial. I got it working on the first try.

Good Luck,


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Thank you so much for getting back to me.
Is it free? I think it is not free. And our university doesn’t fund final year projects.
But I’ll try it and will post here whatever happens. I’ve been posting in this forum for quite sometime and this is the first ever positive response I got.
Don’t think I’m insane but I’m highly overwhelmed. Thanks again!!

@Mariam123 Its free with limits on usage. Up to 10,000 push notifications per month.


@Mariam123 Hi. I just sent something on how to use OneSignal in one of your posts. See it and see it makes any sense.