How do I send push notifications to all users at once?

Is there a way to use Ionic Push to send a push notification to all the registered devices at once (without entering every single device token)?

Thank you!

you have to store your regids/tokens in your backend / database.

After that you can use
to send to all devices.

I think the Remote-API will be extended in the future, because the whole service is marked as alpha.
Maybe you are getting an API-endpoint to get all regids (without storing all on your own).

And i do not know if ionic push already considers the limitation of sending a push to 1000 devices at once for gcm.

We’re currently working on adding a “Send to everyone” feature for this. This is something I was looking for too, so don’t feel left out :smile:

Should be added soon


Awesome @mhartington ! Do you think it will be out by August?

When do you think it will be ready?

Are there new information for this feature?

Just searching on an issue I’m having related to the ‘send_to_all’ attribute and came across this thread. I’m experiencing ‘send_to_all: true’ only working on devices once I have done a push that includes that devices unique token. The device is logging it has registered it’s token but ‘send_to_all: true’ does not work no matter how many times you try. However if you send a push including the devices token it receives this push and will then receive all subsequent pushes to that just use ‘send_to_all: true’. Is there any reason you can think of that this would be happening. We have a very simple use case where we don’t want to have to send and store device tokens on a server.

Hi @mhartington. I noticed the parameter “tokens” is an array. I tested two tokens and the notification was sent for two respective devices properly. I would like to know if there is a limit of tokens on that array. I did not found any explanation about this on the docs. Thanks!!!
“profile”: “test”,
“notification”: {
“message”: “Welcome!!!”


@mhartington Hi, Please provide info for sending notification to multiple device tokens and also fetching their status per token in one API call.

Is there any way to implement this? and how?