Send Push notifications using

Hello guys, I am trying to follow this doc
I got the token, and when I used the CURL to send notification it went great, my question is, I want to send notifications using but without saving users, I just want to send to all users, I tried without using the ionic user its not working, how I can do it ?

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I also had this issue. There is a key you can use which is supposed to send to all users without using the Ionic user model or including all registered tokens in a push. See . However from my experience it seems ‘send_to_all: true’ only works on devices once you have done at least one push that includes their unique token. If you send a push including the devices token it receives this push and will then receive all subsequent pushes that just use ‘send_to_all: true’ but not until you do that initial push with the token which makes the ‘send_to_all: true’ ineffective as it stands.