Send push notifications directly to users

OK, I can guess the answer: “No.” :grin: …but here we go…
If I want to send a notification to a certain group of users, I have to:

  1. On user login (inside my app), register the user in and register the device for push notifications.
  2. On token reception, save it in my database.
  3. When I need, in my backend I can select the users I want, get their tokens and send the notification through REST API

But I wonder if that could be even simpler. Since keeps track of registered users with their corresponding device tokens, can I take advantage of that system? I mean, as the dashboard allows to filter users and send a notification to all of them, can I send a notification directly to a user-id list instead of a device-token list? In other words, can I avoid to manage the tokens in my DB?

My requests have been heard, Ionic has just announced this feature :smile:

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I am looking for something similar can you point me out where to look exactly can’t seem to be able to filter users

Here you go: