Send push notifications to all clients without knowing their device tokens

I’ve successfully implemented the real push notification service according to this guide. ( :slight_smile:

Now I can send push notifications to the android device using dash board. And using postman with the device token. :slight_smile:

I need to send push notifications to all the users of my application. For that I can use dash board. but it has to be done manually. :frowning:

What I want is, to send push notifications from my server to all the users.
For that the device tokens are a necessary in the post request.

Is there a possible way to send push notifications from a server without the knowledge of the device tokens (like using an api call from

Or do I have to retrieve all the registering apps’ device tokens at the beginning and use them when I need to send push notifications?

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You have to know the tokens’ devices, this is how APNS and GCM are working. Even if you use the ionic’s push solution, it uses APNS and GCM.

I implemented it and everytime the device get the token I post it to the server. Then the server has to call the API with all the tokens stored.

Yup, You can do it manually,

You can register all your users to a topic. After that whenever you sends a notification to that topic, all users will get that notification.

More details: