Select/unselect All option for dynamic populated ion-select


I am using ion-select to display options dynamically. I want to provide user an option to select/unselect all the options at one shot. Is there any way to accommodate that option inside ion-select. Please help

#ionic 3 #Angular 3

Yes you can do that but please tell me that how are you gonna take input from user that he/she wants to select all/ unselect all? using button or what?

Sorry for the late response. Below is the code snippet which i’m trying.

<ion-item no-lines>
            <ion-label class="col-md-2 control-label">Sample</ion-label>
            <ion-select required [(ngModel)]="region" (ionChange)="selectedRegion(region)" name="region" multiple="true">
 <ion-option >Select/unselect All</ion-option>
              <ion-option *ngFor="let region of listOfRegion" [value]="">
                {{ }}</ion-option>