<ion-select> select all options


Hi guys,

I have a question.

Is possible to select all options of selection with a option inside the selection?

Otherwise with a specific button?

This is my situation

This is my search page and in this page there are two select element.

This is my selection. There is a possibility to select all options with a specific option or with a button?

Thank You


Hmm, you could create one.
Since select is based on the alert api, you create a button for it


How i can create a button for this selection?

There are only two buttons OK button e Cancel Button.

Also I create this selection and set the options like

this.selectOptions = {
  title: 'Select Categories',
  subTitle: 'Choose your Categories',
  buttons: [{
    text: 'Select All',
    handler: () => {


but the new button doesn’t appear!

Any solution for me?