Security: SecKeychainItemImport: Unknown format in import


Hello Ionic beautiful people,

I’ve finally gone to the final step is to publish my app on Apple Store, however, hitting a last hurdle with creating iOS prod package on ionic cloud.

Running the command line to create a package on production mode, it went successfully and uploaded to Ionic cloud.

ionic package build ios --profile ui_property_tools__production --release --prod

However, I got the build output error:

security: SecKeychainItemImport: Unknown format in import.

I’ve tried to remove all certificate and provisioning profile in Ionic > Settings > Certificates > then configure for Push notification and Build Certificate - but still no luck.

Would it be something that I missed out?

Any thought would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

Further note:

id       | 14
status   | FAILED
platform | iOS
mode     | release
profile  | ui_property_tools__production
started  | 2017-06-18T16:58:12.630Z
finished |

security: SecKeychainItemImport: Unknown format in import.


Aah - just like I thought that I was doing something wrong. It is to do with the provisioning profile .p12.

I had a quick search in the forum and found this thread : Ionic package

Hope it helps other too.