Ionic package


error in build, please anybode helpme ?

// --------- builder ----------
ionic package build ios --profile profile_test
[=============================] 100% 0.0s
Preparing your resources…
Uploading your resources to Ionic…
Submitting your app to Ionic Package…
Your app has been successfully submitted to Ionic Package!
Build ID: 1
We are now packaging your app.

// ------- info --------------
ionic package info 1
id │ 1
status │ FAILED
platform │ ios
mode │ debug
started │ Oct 14th, 2015 18:06:00
security: SecKeychainItemImport: Unknown format in import


Hi Daniel,

I am also facing the same issue. Were you able to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Samdani Shaik.


Hi guys, i’m facing this issue too, can someone told us how to fix it ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards


Same error for me:

id │ 2
status │ FAILED
platform │ ios
mode │ debug
started │ Nov 7th, 2015 22:40:04


security: SecKeychainItemImport: Unknown format in import.


Me three.
I’ve removed everything I can think as extraneous.
I do have a git repo in the folder- could this be it?



This error typically means the format of your certificate was incorrect. The certificate must be a .p12 file, not a .cer or a .pem, etc.

To convert your .cer to a .p12, you can use Keychain Access or OpenSSL, as outlined in our docs here:


I’m having same issue. the only place a ‘.p12 file’ is mentioned is for Push Notifications. On Apple website, the cert to download is not a p12, it’s a .cer - I’m confused now based on the Ionic setup steps then for deploying ?


This was it. Ionic platform allows users to upload the .cer file when it should be the .p12 file.


The .cer is a plain certificate file that I believe is dynamic. The .p12 is static and can be used for other services. To make a .p12, open the .cer in Keychain Access, secondary (control) click on it and click “Export…”, and make sure it is set to a .p12. Then set a password. Upload it in your console at, and you’re all set!


I just updated the provisional certificate and had to update ionic package certificate accordingly. I don’t do that often so I ended uploading the .cer file instead of the .p12 as remarked above. That solved my problem BUT I strongly suggest to edit UI to give this simple hint when receiving the certificate.

The text on the popup to upload the certificate says something like “Development / Appstore Certificate [upload button] Provisioning profile [upload button]”. I fell for the first input and thought it had to be the .cer file. So, specifying “Development / Appstore Certirficate (p12 file)” would have saved us all the time.


Security: SecKeychainItemImport: Unknown format in import