Searchbar not working for Japanese

Hi ionic gurus,

Anyone got ionic2 searchbar work with Japanese? For non-latin languages like Japanese, if you try to type it in searchbar, the character you type immediately get into the input box, which is not expected. For those who don’t know Japanese, let me explain it a bit.

For example, I want to search for someone with family name ‘Tanaka’, in Japanese Hiragana the characters are 田中. With Japanese input method, I need to type T-A-N-A-K-A, then choose 田中 from the candidate words.

But with the current searchbar, while I type the T-A-N-A…, it immediately become searchbar input, even worse it’s repeated, on every type the intermediate candidate word is concatenated to existing input. Eventally I got something like ‘tたたnたなたなkたなか田中’. Totally a mix of intermediate state with the final word I want.

This makes searchbar unusable. Anyone had a similar problem? Help please! :sob:


Upgrade the framework to 3.4.0. This was fixed very recently.

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Thanks a lot! Trying …