Ionic 1.0.4 can't input chinese and Japanese in android sdk 2.3.*


Hi friends, I have used ionic for several months ,It’s very nice for me ,but i have one problem .
My app wrok well in android sdk 4.* version, but can’t input chinese and japanese when sdk version is 2.3.*.
I have tested only in cordova codes is :

            <h1>Apache Cordova</h1>
            <input type="text" />

This can input anything!
Then I test in ionic codes is :

      <ion-header-bar class="bar-stable">
        <h1 class="title">Ionic Blank Starter</h1>
      <input type="text"></input>

This can’t input chinese and japanese when sdk version is 2.3.*.

when I not include ionic css, it’s ok.

I try to modify the css file to find out the problem ,I failed!
Anyone can help me ???


I discorver this

this can input chinese,

this can’t input

Any proposal?


problem may be > position: absolute;


We support iOS 6+, and Android 2.3+ (though we recommend 4.1+ for the best experience). However, since there are a lot of different Android devices, it’s possible certain ones might not work. As always, we are looking for help testing and improving our device compatibility and would love help from the community on our GitHub project.

from Ionic doc


This is all ?


Have not release this problem,-_-


Hey there @shrek, have you tried applying the lang attribute to the document?

<html lang="zh"></html>


Thank you for reply ,Let me try now


I have add the attribute ,but It’s no effect, thank you again.


I have change my app to native app ,have no time to medify it .


Korean keyboard also has the same problem.
This bugs very serious problems.
Korean, Chinese and Japanese do not support.

Android 2.3 users is small.
However, our customers want to support Android 2.3.

test source : “login” page in “ionic start myApp sidemenu”

Android 2.3.6

Google keyboard (Korea, Japan)

├── angular#1.3.6
├─┬ angular-animate#1.3.6
│ └── angular#1.3.6
├─┬ angular-sanitize#1.3.6
│ └── angular#1.3.6
└─┬ angular-ui-router#0.2.13
└── angular#1.3.6