How to add searchbar functionaliy in ionic android app

Hi, I am a UI person and very new to Ionic framework/ Angular JS. I am building a very basic app for android which will display three different list. List is showing the content via JSON. Text is written in hindi via ‘Google Input Tools’(I am not sure even if this is a correct way to build an app in different language, please help with this as well) .I want to add a simple search functionality in my app, but just not able to understand how to move forward. Somehow with little help from , I have added the search bar… which expands to full row on click of search icon. As I researched I found that I will need to use . But there is no detail documentation of this plugin. Can anyone please help me with this. I am just not able to understand how to get things working. my application got stuck on this single point.
Many thanks in advance.

the search works in angular js and not in ionic so look for that …as far as the language is concerned it will match with what is typed…so if search text is typed in Hindi and the items to search from are in Hindi then it might work…Otherwise the search will not work because of the language mismatch

ok… I got it how will it work… just a small query … I have multiple JSON files for each view… how a common search will work for each view? Any pointers?

you could try to load the multiple json data in to a temp variable and then preform your search on that