Scrolling through clickable list - wrong item

Hi guys

I have a scrollable list with an event on the item. Whenever I scroll through the list and the scroll event has not fully stopped and I click on a item it most of the time opens the wrong item although “I click on another item”.

      <ion-item tappable *ngFor="let a of ns" (click)="open(a)" text-wrap>
        <ion-thumbnail item-left>
          <ion-img src="{{ a.file }}"></ion-img>
        <h2> {{a.title}} </h2>
        <p [innerHTML]="a.attributes.teaser"> </p>
        <ion-icon name="ios-arrow-forward" item-right></ion-icon>

Is there any way to change that behaviour or is it not possible because of the scrolling?

thanks in advance (If something is unclear just ask :slight_smile: )

I have the same issue. Has somebody solved this already?

Here is an unsolved issue referring to the problem: