Scrolling ionic modal does not work

So I’m having a problem with scrolling in ionic modal.

Modal code looks like this:
Html directive:

I’m using html directive to parse html snippet. It works fine, my snippet is loaded. However, I can’t scroll on it.If I put overflow-scroll=“true” when I try to scroll modal becomes white, and content underneath it is scrolled. If i remove overflow-scroll, nothing happens.

Inject $ionicScrollDelegate in the custom html directive and be sure to call .resize() to recalculate the size of its container, if the content added inside the ion-content is more dynamic.

I tried doing that but it doesn’t seem to work… Got any other ideas? Thanks!

I managed to solve this by adding overflow-scroll class directly to ion-content, without overflow-scroll=“true”.

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Same problem here, adding overflow-scroll=“true” or the class didn’t help.

None of these methods works for me:

$ionicScrollDelegate.scrollTo(0, 9999999999);

Also I’m not able to scroll inside a textarea if it’s inside a modal, works well everywhere else.


Using the same $scope in modal will make this works (but the modal it’s not smooth at all), before I was creating a totally new scope:
var scope = $rootScope.$new();

To fix any element that won’t scroll, just add the class “scroll”

I tried all way in above but no have result.

After that i tried change setting of native scroll setting become: