Scrolling events do not trigger on phone

Hello guys, i have following code

    <ion-content :scroll-events="true" @ionScroll="pullAnimation" class="ion-padding">
      <div v-for="i in 60" :key="i">

import { IonContent, IonPage } from '@ionic/vue';

export default {
  components: {
  setup() {
    const pullAnimation = () => {

    return {

This generates alert when i scroll on chrome. But when i scroll on my phone nothing show, its like event isnt even fired up.

you must bind the $event with any scroll like:


which single function in setup:

const functionStart = (e) => {

      console.log('scroll start: ', e);


    const functionScroll = (e) => {

      console.log('scroll: ', e);


    const functionEnd = (e) => {

      console.log('scroll end: ', e)


    return {

      functionStart, functionScroll, functionEnd


Doesnt work, same on my android phone it is not working. I didnt use console.log i used alert and still it didnt show when i was scrolling on the phone :/.

You try set alert on IonScroll and set conditional for it like:

if( > 50 || > 50 ) {
     alert('You current scroll from Y: ', e)

just because you don’t give scroll any condition, that why when u scroll will not showing anything. Try to make some condition when u scroll the document.

not working, these values are undefined and if never passes. I just did if(e) {code} and still nothing. I think thats not it.

@usanzadunje , try it on below:


and then this setup will like this:

for me it working!

Not working again. It could be because of my stupid phone? I have some Huawei but its really old.
I tested on friends phone but cannot remember if this worked ,will try it again and give info if its because of phone.

What this means? I didnt withdraw…