ionScroll not triggering on android device

Hello guys,

I have the following code :

<ion-content ref="content" :scroll-events="true" @ionScroll="doSmth" class="ion-padding">
      some long text...

Event handler doSmth has alert(‘test’) in it.

This works well when i test in my browser on desktop but when i try on my android phone it doesnt trigger @ionScroll event.
Any reason why it doesnt trigger?

Did you use alert() or alertController from Ionic…
because if you are using the default alert() from JS it won’t work…

You need to use the alertController provided by Ionic for it to work cross-platform

Here is the link for the same LINK

And Since you are using alerts here you might also want to look up Ion-Loading

Both of them have same way of usage… with a few minor tweaks

Actually classic alert(something) work.

I also tried with alerController but still nothing.

Problem is event is not fired, whatever i put in event handler doesnt execute when scrolling, only possible thing is that event isnt fired in the first place.

Anybody has any idea?

Hi, @usanzadunje did you find the solution… I was busy last week and could not revert back if you haven’t figured out the issue can you share your code