ionScroll event doesn't fire on ion-scroll

On my page I have markup as below

   <ion-scroll (ionScroll)="onPageScroll($event)" scrollY="true">
      long text here...... 

I then have a simple function onPageScroll to log out the scroll event

onPageScroll(e) { 

However the ionScroll event never seems to fire for the <ion-scroll> element

If I put the listener on <ion-content> it works without any problems. I’ve also tried removing <ion-content> from the page to see if there’s any conflict there be to no avail.

Does the ionScroll event not work on <ion-scroll> or is there a different way to listen to it?


Why do you have to use ion scroll?
Please try like following:

<ion-content (ionScroll)="onPageScroll($event)">
 long text here...... 

Unfortunately it’s not that simple as I have multiple scrollable areas in the one view and you can only have 1 , the docs says to use ion-scroll in this instance

There should only be one content in a single view component. If additional scrollable elements are need, use ionScroll.

June 28
Why do you have to use ion scroll?
Please try like following:

> <ion-content (ionScroll)="onPageScroll($event)"> long text here...... </ion-content>

what is your ionic version?

I’m currently using ionic 3.4.2 . I’ve just tested ionic 3.5 now as well but no difference

Just to expand further, the reason I am using <ion-scroll> is because I am using <ion-slider>

In each slide I have text of varying length so a user needs to be able to scroll up and down it


After checking out the source code I finally figured out how to attach a scroll listener

   this.scrollElement.addScrollEventListener((e) => {

However it’s pretty useless as it seems like <ion-scroll> doesn’t have as much information available in it’s scroll event compared to <ion-content>

For example, there is no e.domWrite() or e.scrollTop which are two of things I need most!

Is there any plans to extend the <ion-scroll> scroll event to support these things?

Hi @robertboland, any update on this? Have you figured it out?

I wrote a palatative solution

Not working for me. Here is the link stackoverflow link