Scroll freezes after input focus


Hello everyone,

I’ve been working on an app which has quite a number of different forms.
There’s an error I’ve been trying to fix for days but couldn’t find a breakthrough as yet.

Basically, the app has a left menu and stuff under different sub tabs.
When I tap on input fields in a specific form, and head back to some other form, the scrolling freezes in the whole app. The app doesn’t freeze,just that the scrolling is not working anymore.

I’ve read the Ionic forum and narrowed it down to where I think the problem is where the app gets its input focus. There are different workarounds in different forums but couldn’t get any of it to work.

Is there an official fix for this? How can I go about this?

Thanks in advance.


I had the same issue, manifesting itself in the simulator and on device, but could never get it to happen in the browser, or in a simple app.

In the end, I realised that the routing in my app contained an extra unnecessary level of abstract state, so I had one extra level of nav-view that contained nothing but another nav-view.

Simplifying / correcting my state got rid of his, and the scroll freezing problems have vanished.