Scroll input focus problem when opening keyboard

Hello everyone, I have been experiencing a problem in the last few days with the application scroll that I am developing. I have a form that has an ion-input at the bottom of the screen, when the focus is on the field, a scroll is made on the screen so that it is visible to the user, but my navbar does not stay fixed at the top of the screen, " to status bar. " After performing some searches I found the solution by setting the scrollAssist property to true in the app.module. I found another situation (2), after I focus on the ion-input and scroll down, add a space for the keyboard that is open, then assigns the scrollPadding property to false, so that space is no longer displayed, but when set the focus on a field at the bottom of the screen (where the keyboard is shown) the scroll (assistScroll) is not done, as there is no “space” to perform this action. I ask for help if someone has already experienced this or has a possible solution. In the Android system the generated space is relevant compared to IOS, being the impression of a bug. Here are prints of the last situation (2) found on both platforms.