App freezing (*no* input recognised), almost randomly and without errors


This sounds like it may related to the ‘freezing’ issues with Cordova iOS 4.0.1, but it does not appear to be (that was related to start-up freezing).

This is what I know:

  • The issue appears randomly - there is no definitive steps to successfully reproduce every time - and I cannot seem to figure it out.
  • It happens 3 pages into a view (parent, child, then child).
  • It happens after the nav transition (scrolling is blocked, there is no input/touch recognised at all)
  • It happens more often on phones with less available memory
  • It appears to happen on iPhone 5C only, 6/6S cannot reproduce it
  • There is no web console errors
  • There is no Xcode console errors
  • I can ‘unfreeze’ it by manually updating the DOM (e.g. change an element’s classes, via Safari inspector) and cause a reflow

Currently using:

  • Ionic v 1.3.0 (upgraded from 1.2.4, had no effect on issue)
  • Cordova iOS v 4.1.1 (upgraded from 3.9.2, had no effect on issue)
  • Angular 1.4.3

I still cannot find the single point of failure. There is quite a few Cordova plugins used on the project also. Could it possibly be a memory leak or DOM intrusion from here?

I am posting this in the hope there may be some sort of help available (I’m not sure what code I can share because it’s for a client’s in-house app). I will share any information regarding setup and third-party software required.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered…!

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So sorry for spamming mentions here, but any ideas on this one?

Please let me know what I can provide to help debug the issue. Thanks again for your time, it’s really appreciated.

Looks like this is something to do with scrolling. Tapping the status bar (e.g. the time) scrolls to ‘the top’ and then scrolling and interaction can be resumed.

My content looks like this:
<ion-content overflow-scroll="true" padding="false" class="grey-bg" delegate-handle="mainScroll">


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we are having the same issue on ionic 1.3.1

Did you find a solution yet? We are experiencing the same problem. However, we are not using Ionic, but Framework7 instead. The app can be unforzen manually by updating the DOM like you mentioned. However, what is the cause of the problem and how it can be fixed ?