Scroll assist does not propagate events

Scroll assist prevents propagation of events on iOS which does not work well with a custom Gesture that implements long press event (onEnd never gets called so my timer runs out and triggers long press event action).
Even the simplest @HostBinding is not working since scroll assist calls stopPropagation on the event.

Is there some way to get click/touchEnd event on gesture’s directive?

Version: ionic 5.1.1

P.S. If I comment-out the selected lines everything works as expected

Do you have a sample of what code you are trying?

Here is an example directive, attach it to ion-input or its wrapper

import { Gesture } from "@ionic/core";
import {Directive, OnInit, ElementRef} from "@angular/core";
import {GestureController} from "@ionic/angular";

  selector: "[appExample]"
export class ExampleDirective implements OnInit {

  gesture: Gesture;
  constructor(private elementRef: ElementRef, private gestureCtrl: GestureController) {

  ngOnInit() {

  private createGesture() {
    this.gesture = this.gestureCtrl.create({
      el: this.elementRef.nativeElement,
      gestureName: "example",
      threshold: 0,
      onStart: () => {
        console.log("this is called");
      onEnd: () => {
        console.log("this is not called since scroll assist prevents event propagation");
    }, true);

I ended up overriding stopPropagation function since that seems like the only possible way to avoid this bug.