[Ionic4/5] [Android]Don't trigger click event while touch stop scrolling

Hi there,

I have an item list which click event is bind to items.
In real device, when we scroll up or down navigating items, we can touch screen to stop scrolling. However, in android, it will trigger click event of item, and open the item page. How can I prevent this happened? This kind of behavior is not user friendly.
Only happened on android.

It seems nobody has the same problem as me? Why only me? Even though a blank tabs app has the same problem, bad user interface causes users leaved the app, don’t you? .

In prevent such kind of mis-trigger event in Android, ios is better than android, there are 300ms delay in ios, why no 300ms delay in android? Ionic cancel it?

To solve the problem, I just put a throttled scrolling listener to prevent mis-trigger.
I don’t thing this should be done by developer, it should be done by framework, because I have to put scrolling listener in ALMOST EVERY PAGE, or said base page.
After 2 weeks testing, scrolling listening seems not eating too high rate of CPU, but I think it’s an incorrect solution, any suggestion is welcomed.

If you can create a reproducable Repository, you should open an Issue here