Allow event propagation in ion-scroll

My view consists of a ion-slidebox and inside each slide I have a sub-section which is a ion-scroll in x-direction.

Initially the ion-scroll was not functional because the ion-slidebox captures all events and stops propagation. I modified the ionic source a bit to allow for “gesture free” areas. Kind of like no-drag elements in the side-drawer.

At present, I have a ion-slidebox with a fully functioning ion-scroll inside it. The problem is vertical scrolling in the parent ion-content. It seems that ion-scroll captures all events and stops propagation too. So, I can scroll horizontally fine. But, when I tap inside the ion-scroll and drag vertically. Nothing happens.

This issue seems to have been brought up in the past a couple of times too:

Does anyone have a solution for this? If not, can one of the ionic devs point out where the scroll events get captured. That way I can add a special case there.


Hi, any progress with this? I’m looking into the same situation.