$sce.trustAsHtml iframe and images not loading on iOS Simulator or device

I’m trying to use dynamically generated content ($sce.trustAsHtml) and insert it into my ionic app. This works fine in the browser (tested on Chrome on Windows and Safari on mac) but when I try to do the same thing in the iOS simulator or on the device no content is loaded.

My controller is something like this:

vm.content = $sce.trustAsHtml('<iframe src="http://google.com"></iframe>');

And my markup looks like:

    <ion-content data-ng-bind-html="vm.content">

I’ve also tried adding this config section to the angular app:

    .module('app', [])
    .config(function($sceDelegateProvider) {
            '**' // I've also tried being very specific with this -- same result

And in the cordova config:

<access origin="*"/>

Hello everyone,

I have almost the same problem / scenario…

I grab a JSON data with preformatted content which happens to have also iframes from youtube / soundcloud / etc…

I am using $sce.trustAsHtml also in order for the html tags to render in the app view, but the iframes are completely ignored by this rendering,
I also applied $sceDelegateProvider and setup the urls as the documentation page explains but with no result.

Can anyone help please?

help plz.
i have this problem.