Iframe not loaded in IOS


I want to show an iframe with in my app. But the webpage in the iframe is not loaded in iOS.
On android it works and loads fine.

In my config.xml i have white listed everything:
<access origin="*"/>

I also use $sce for making the URL trusted
$scope.iframe_url = $sce.trustAsResourceUrl(decodeURIComponent($scope.url));

In the template i show the iframe:


Also doneLoading() is never called.
I don’t get an error page or anything. Just a white screen


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I have the same problem.

I added <allow-navigation href="*"/> in my config.xml next to <access origin="*"/>

This worked for me.


Thanks @jiffer Its worked for me

Yes, i added <allow-navigation href="*"/> in config.json and its work for me.